Richard subscribes fully to that viewpoint - it is not possible to promote and protect the interests of investors if the process is driven by products rather than solutions.

As Investment Funds Advisors we research, build, implement, manage and monitor investor portfolios through optimal utilisation of resources.

What We Do

The process we employ to achieve meaningful and sustainable solutions includes two key elements. The first of these is market knowledge. Market knowledge encompasses keeping up to date with the economy, the investment world, and knowing what investment vehicles are available (Stocks, ETFs, managed money, Bonds, GICS etc.) The second is gaining a detailed understanding of our clients. In order to provide the best advice we invest a lot of time in understanding each client’s current financial situation, their needs, goals and risk tolerance levels. We believe our unique approach adds value when these dimensions come together and the result is a personal customized investment strategy and portfolio.

Once the investment is in place or the strategy is running we continue to communicate with our clients and to add value to their investment. This partnership is unique in that we manage and assess our client’s portfolios personally through a disciplined monitoring process and regular client contact.

Each client relationship is unique as each client has unique needs. We do however offer specialist services in the following areas:

  • Retirement Asset Accumulation: Implement strategies to reach your future retirement goals
  • Optimising Tax Efficient Income &/or Growth
  • Portfolio Review provides an objective analysis of your current investment portfolio.
  • Estate Planning: identify financial liabilities upon death and how to fund them.
  • Educating Children: Implement strategies to accumulate assets to fund your children’s education.
  • Insurance Review determines if you have the right amount and the right type of insurance.

We select and promote solutions based on our clients’ personal needs. The options include:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Segregated Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • GICs
  • Third party private wealth management teams

The Value We Add

As a small and well balanced team we believe the value we add is multidimensional. We pride ourselves on our core values of integrity and trust. We are independent from any investment company and we are not emotionally invested in your personal financial situation. These skills enable us to assess and analyse without bias a client’s personal and financial situation, their time horizon and attitude towards risk, establish consensus for goal setting, and ultimately -to build an investment portfolio which meets the client’s criteria. By choosing Worldsource Financial Management Inc. as our sponsoring mutual funds dealer, we leverage the extensive & time sensitive knowledge base which Worldsource provides to their advisors.

The Solutions We Create

The solutions are a financial plan which is tailored and appropriate to each client’s unique needs. They are flexible and diverse to react to changing market conditions.

Tax Efficient Investing



Children's Education